DIY Word Art

I used a piece of artwork in my wedding (which I may share some memories of that day with you at some point) that I got so many compliments on and have been asked where I bought it and when people find out that that I made they don’t believe how simple it was! So I thought that I would share with you this easy EASY way to up-cycle an old piece of art that you are either tired of or something that you found on the cheap!


this is from the wedding.

Here is step-by-step…


Find a piece of art work, some paint, a paint brush and some sticker letters.


Stick the letters on your artwork. I like to do the first letters first so I can see the spacing. Press the letters down hard so the paint doesn’t seep behind the letters when you paint it.


Squirt some paint and paint over the whole canvas.


Let it dry fully before taking the stickers off….then it should look like this!



I also love cheap art work that adds character to our cute little home.

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